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Creating a Good Impression that Sells

  • It takes only a few seconds for one to form an impression. How can you ensure that the impression you make is a good one?
  • What do you do or say when you meet the customer for the first time? 
  • How do you get the customer to feel comfortable with you? 
  • How do you engage the customer to reveal more information about themselves or their company?

The Power of Handshake

  • How do you tell the true feelings that the customer have towards you? 
  • How do you get your customer to be more receptive to what you can offer? 
  • How do you predict your sales outcome more effectively? 

Asking Effective Questions

  • Nobody likes to be sold.
  • How do you get customers to sell themselves without you having to sell?

There are so much we can offer. So, take your time to learn all about us. You will definitely find something we can help build up your sales force. 

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Mr Lim Poh Chai, Adrien, Finexis Advisory Pte Ltd

 "What I have learnt from Angela are the life experiences she shared in the Asian context, which I believe will definitely benefit many local Sales professionals here in Asia."  

Joanne Lee, Fuji Xerox Singapore Pte Ltd

 "I've been in sales & sales management for the last 20 years. What Angela shared has been what I'm trying to instill in my sales team. It is more rewarding to teach them how to fish than to give them the fish itself."   

Sue Lou, Marketing

"Thanks very much for providing the talk to our Marketing Seniors. The tips on handshakes are helpful in enhancing the social skills of my students."    

Mr Lee Keng Mun, Lecturer

"Angela gave several practical examples and engaged students in some interesting activities for her talk in NYP. Our students had definitely found her talk interesting and were able to learn some salient points in selling from her."  

Maya, Sales Manager

"The topics you touch is so spot on that I've found myself being a positive salesperson I used to be."

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