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Learning how to Sell WITHOUT getting the Customers to feel sold!

Our Program

All About YOU

Just let us know about the challenges faced in your sales team and we will do our utmost to tailor-make a Sales program to meet your needs. 

Our Offerings

1. Corporate Sales Training

2. Field Sales Coaching

3. One-to-one Sales Coaching

4. Motivational Talks

5. Sales Retreat Facilitation

3 Reasons Why you should Work With Us

Our Instructor's Accreditation

  • 20 over years of sales experience
  • Hands-on experience field coaching/ sales training
  • Training certification - ACTA (Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment) 
  • Good Communicator - Toastmasters Competent Communicator, First runner-up in Toastmasters' speech competition
  • Won numerous awards as Top salesperson in multiple companies 
  • Successfully trained & coached salespeople internationally 
  • One-to-one Career Coaching 

Results Focus

  • Effective sales training should lead to  an increase in sales. Thus, our one-to-one follow up sessions after the sales training would help ensure your sales team apply what they have learnt and increase their sales effectiveness.
  • We recognise that every sales team has its unique challenges and gaps in skill set. We are able to customise our training to suit the needs of your salespeople, uniquely to your industry or business environment.

Content Focus

  • We use PROVEN, POWERFUL and yet SIMPLE methodology to help your salespeople to be more effective when they are out in the field.
  • Our courseware is developed within the Asian context. It can be applied in both local  as well as across the Asia Pacific business environment.
  •  We understand fully the real challenges faced by the salespeople. Relevant examples will be given during the training to help learners to apply straightaway.

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We love our customers. Do feel free to email us at angelaoh@heartsell.sg should you require any assistance or have any other enquiries.